Science & Environmental Writing Major

Lehigh University's nationally and internationally known Science and Environmental Writing Program in the Department of Journalism and Communication graduated its first student in 1978. Every year since then, a small but select number of sought-after majors and minors have been graduated and have gone on to rewarding careers in media, industry, government, consulting and nonprofit organizations.
The science and environmental writing major is ideal for students who want to write about science, the environment, medicine and health, technology or engineering for a variety of audiences varying from the general public to scientists and engineers. In addition to learning how to write about these fields, students can gain experience in risk communication and media analysis and research.
Many students who minor in science writing do so because they realize how important communication is to success in their science, medical or engineering fields. Almost all of these students find that science and environmental writing gives them a much-needed advantage over others in the workplace. Because they learn to think and write critically, they often find themselves assigned to special projects or as project team leaders. Partly because of their introduction to science and environmental writing, a few have altered their career paths to focus on writing or other pursuits, such as law.
Marcellus Shale
Because hydraulic fracturing or fracking of Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania is a major environmental controversy that gets a great deal of media coverage, it has been the ideal subject for a research and writing project in a Lehigh course called "Environment, the Public and the Mass Media." In the fall of 2012 and 2013, the students’ intense study culminated in a series of research papers, each on an aspect of the fracking controversy, written to serve as a Web guide for readers. In 2013, the students also produced short videos about their research findings. As part of their Marcellus research projects, they went on a field trip, heard from guest speakers and conducted interviews. View the results of these projects at “Drilling Down on Marcellus Shale: Insights into Fracking.” Read more>>
Please Note...
The Science and Environmental Writing Program at Lehigh University does not offer a graduate degree.  For a national listing of graduate studies programs please click here